Selected Publications

Hauck, Jan David, and Teruko Vida Mitsuhara. 2020. “Sorry Not Sorry: Political Apology in the Age of Trump.” In Linguistic Inquiries into Donald Trump’s Language, edited by Ulrike Schneider and Matthias Eitelmann, 215–232. London: Bloomsbury.

Hauck, Jan David, and Guilherme Orlandini Heurich. 2018. “Language in the Amerindian Imagination: An Inquiry into Linguistic Natures.” Language & Communication 63:1–8.

Heurich, Guilherme Orlandini, and Jan David Hauck, eds. 2018. “Language in the Amerindian Imagination.” Special issue, Language & Communication, vol. 63.

Hauck, Jan David. 2014. “La construcción del lenguaje en Paraguay: fonologías, ortografías e ideologías en un país multilingüe.” Boletín de filología 49 (2): 113–137.

Hauck, Jan David. 2009. Language Under Construction: Bilingualism in Paraguay and Some Unsettled Thoughts about Language. Berliner Beiträge zur Ethnologie 19. Berlin: Weißensee Verlag.

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